There is a widely paraphrased saying in the Indonesian Mining sector: "Out of the 10 people you will meet in mining, 9 are con artists."  Upon first examination, this might seem to be an exaggeration, however speak to some old hands and you'll that it is in fact, a fair description. Indonesia is a country rich with natural resources - but it takes local knowledge, connections, and perseverance to break through.

Our mining team's combined experience is distilled into mining consulting services which are are invaluable to the success of your future mining venture.

At the initial stage:

The regional areas of Indonesia are difficult to navigate - literally and politically. Our hard won experience in owner operator mining allows us to share with you our effective and practical solutions to your problems.

Please email us (using the link below) for our brochure to get a clearer idea of what services we can offer you. We are happy to correspond with you via email for a no commitment quote and informal discussions.

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We are used to handling sensitive and confidential issues. Rest assured that with our Non-Disclosure Agreements embedded in each and every work engagement we accept, that your privacy is sure .